AOMAIS Pro Lens Kit

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7 HIGH-QUALITY CRAFTED OPTICAL GLASS LENSES EQUIPPED WITH 4K HD LENS LIGHT PATH DESIGN WITHOUT DISTORTION - 0.45X Wide-angle lens - 120-degree super wide-angle shooting people, pets, travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies etc.

MULTI-RESISTANT COATING TECHNOLOGY ENABLES UP TO 24 LAYERS OF NANO-TRANSPARENT COATING ON BOTH SIDES, DELIVERING 98% ULTRA-HIGH TRANSMITTANCE - minimizing ghosting, reflection, lens flare and other artifacts - 18X Macro Lens, magnifies 18 times of close-up shots [SUPER CLOSE-UP PHOTOS], allowing precise focus on all microscopic scenes each time.

GLOWCLIP RECHARGEABLE LED LIGHT - Ample brightness can increase the amount of light entering and create a better depth of field effect - especially in darker environments such as outdoor parties. 3 Modes, 2 types of intensity, multiple choices. Clipped it to your phone anytime and anywhere. Say goodbye to the frustrating remake.

QUICK-RELEASE LANYARD & STORAGE BOX - The lining of soft material allows you to securely and efficiently secure and carry your AOMAIS Pro. The quick release lanyard allows you to switch between taking photos or storing options at will, so you can quickly access the camera instead of missing it even for sudden shots.

COMPATIBLE DEVICES - Compatible with all single and dual-camera phones including all iPhone models, Samsung galaxy and note, google pixel, Huawei etc.

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There is no downloadable file for this product
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