• Product Specs: #1 New Release
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Driver output: 10W
  • Playtime:8+ hours
  • Battery Capacity:1800mAh
  • Input:
  • Charging time:3 hours
  • Bass Boost:Support
  • Handsfree function:Support
  • Volume/Track control:Support
  • Quantity:In Stock
  • Choose Your Country:
  • Color:
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF FLOATING DESIGN: AOMAIS TOUGH has designed and provided completely waterproof of highest incursion protection degree of IPX7(IPX7-Immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes underwater),some competitors may offer an IPX5 rating only at splash proof or light rain,not waterproof.To be dustproof,mudproof,shockproof,inflatable floating accessories provided,which perfect for swimming pool,shower,beach

  • STEREO CLEAR SOUND WITH ENHANCED BASS: Equiped with 10 watts output,the new released AOMAIS TOUGH durable speaker with dual performance drivers produce excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass from passive subwoofer,perfect for outdoor,yoga,dancing,home,dorm room,kitchen,bathroom,car,parties,backyard,garden,camping,hiking,boat,kayaking BBQ

  • THE LATESTED BLUETOOTH 4.0 TECHNOLOGY: Connect in seconds,faster than last generation of Bluetooth technology,which make sure the music is played in a more stable and undistorted way,works for cell phones,iPhone,iPad,iPod,HTC,Samsung,tablets,IOS and android phones,play audio from laptops,PCs,mp3 player with 3.5mm Aux-in jack allows simple wired connectivity to these non-bluetooth devices.Built-in MIC for hands free speakerphone cell phone calls over bluetooth from smartphones and iPhone

  • SIRI FUNCTION FOR IPHONE: The AOMAIS TOUGH becomes the personal assistant you've always wanted with the simple double click"power" button.Talk to siri as would you to a friend and it can help you get things done-like sending messages,place a calls

  • WHAT YOU GET: AOMAIS TOUGH high capacity rechargeable bluetooth speaker,Micro USB charging cable,Audio cable,float speaker accessory,wrist strap,quick start guide,feedback card,our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service,this make your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy testing out it's quality and durability!
  • Good speaker good customer service
    Returned the first one because of cutout problems at high volume. I emailed seller at 10 PM and had a replacement code the next morning. The replacement has no problems. The volume is loud enough for use on the beach in high winds and surf. The sound quality is good for a portable speaker and the bass is adequate to good for a speaker in this price range. Additionally the speaker is very sturdy in construction and feels as solid as brick in your hand. Hopefully the waterproof aspect of the speaker will reduce the affect of the salt spray as time goes by.
  • I'm very happy I did.
    I was looking for an upgrade to my Omaker M4 as I wanted something a bit louder that could handle being knocked around and thrown in water. I found this speaker and decided to give it a try, and I'm very happy I did. Out of the box it comes with a 3.5mm aux cable and a charging cable, pretty standard stuff. In addition it also comes with an inflatable float, which was pretty interesting and it actually works very well. The speaker itself is quite large but easy to stick in a bag. Pairing is very simple and range is excellent, I was able to move 20ft away through some walls in my home and it didn't cut out. Sound is very good and can get very loud and the bass is surprisingly good despite the size of the device. Battery life is also excellent, I got at least 8 hours of all day use for 3 days straight this past weekend. My only issue is that when you turn it on it says very loudly "Power on, Bluetooth Pairing" however this isn't the end of the world for me, just a small annoyance. I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you're looking for a reasonably priced, tough, bluetooth speaker.
  • This little speaker Packs a PUNCH!
    I am very into music. I own an Amazon Echo and have been enjoying the Prime Music app, Audio books on, Spotify Premium service and also have an extensive library on Google Play so sound is pretty important to me. This little speaker takes up very little space but offers wonderful sound. You wouldn't believe the rich texture you hear is coming from this small device. I added pictures with a 12oz. canned soda for size reference. Plus there is one video so you can hear the voice guided sync when you power it on. After you sync it via bluetooth with a device it will auto-pair when you power it on. That is the sample you can hear on the clip. The device had one side that offers deep bass sounds and the other side the higher tones giving you a well balanced groove to whatever you listen to. I've played Jazz, R&B, Classic Rock, Country, Ambient music, and Books on The battery life is very good, offering hours of music without having to recharge it. I have yet to try the hands-free calls feature but I will update this review as I continue to use this device. I was primarily attracted to this speaker for it's ability to allow me to take my music & books with me everywhere. So its great sound, portabiliy and battery life was key to my happiness and so far it's all been great. Note: I received this item at a discount for my honest review. All questions are welcome. I would be happy to respond with pictures/video if desired.
  • Tough and powerful. Great for outside use and social gatherings.
    Powerful speaker that is tough and great for the outdoors. It even comes with a little flotation raft. Compared to others speakers of this style (roughly 8 inches in width), it has great sound, good max volume, and is much cheaper. Also, this one is designed to be used outside. Hence, it is water-proof (truly, see video) and tough. Throw it around. It's fun. It does accept incoming calls and mic seems to do just fine. However, I didn't try anything fancy, like conference calling, though I wouldn't suggest it. That is not the purpose for which this is designed. Other speakers have better battery life, but this one gives more than enough for one day's worth of action. I got about 7 hours worth out of mine. So, you can't just charge it and forget it for weeks. Instead, before you grab it to go to the beach, back packing, etc. make sure it is charged. By the way, this one charged decently fast at 1A/5V. I would not suggest "fast charging" this one. The specs don't say that is an option. SO, be aware. On the back-packing note, this one is heavier than those models that are less than 5 inches wide, but you gain a lot of sound and power. So, the trade off is up to you. As far as pairing, this one is pretty much "plug and play". Turn it on and it will automatically try and pair. That being said, makes sure you don't have 10 things trying to pair with it at once (e.g. your computer, your phone, your tablet, your friend's phone, etc.). The good: - Truly waterproof - portable and tough - powerful and good sound quality - There is a tripod mounting hole (tripod not included) The bad: - Can't fast charge (i.e. at a higher amperage) - Slightly heavy if weight is a concern (specifically backpacking) ech specs of note: - Don't charge above 5V and 1A.(This is in the user guide.) My guess is doing so could damage the battery and significantly alter the lifetime of the battery - There are rubber/plastic tabs that MUST BE IN PLACE in order for the speaker to remain waterproof. The tabs that cover the power outlet and hardwire speaker port must be properly sealed in order for water to not damage the device. - Batteries (one per speaker) took me about 2.5 hours to charge. - Outlet piece to which USB wire charger connects is not included in package. That being said, don't hook it to fast charger unit. - Decent play time, ~7-8 hours.
  • Great quality well-made loud speaker.
    I ordered the AOMAIS bluetooth waterproof speaker because I was looking for something higher quality to use outside by my pool and to take to the beach with me. I thought this looked like a well-made speaker and I liked the size. It arrived as scheduled and as described. I took it out immediately to inspect it and see how it worked. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It is a rugged durable design with hard plastic around the edges. It has a loop that you can attach to the side to carry it if needed. The buttons to operate it are on the top. I synced it up with the bluetooth on my Macbook and it worked with no problems at all. I played some iTunes songs through it and they played with no distortion or crackling issues. The speaker definitely has a little bass to it which made me very happy. It will definitely be loud enough at the beach so that you can hear it over all the wind. It even came with a little blue float to put it on in the pool which I thought was a clever idea. It is not waterproof in that you can submerge it, but it should be safe from minor splashes. I was very happy with the crisp clear English that the speaker uses when functioning with bluetooth. It was very easy to understand. It has a rechargeable battery that is convenient. I have used it for about 5-6 hours with no recharging needed. I am very happy with my order and recommend this speaker to anybody looking for a well-made quality speaker. I received this item at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.
  • nice size.

    This is definitely a 5 star product as far as I am concerned. This is a tough, very well built rugged speaker that is also waterproof, opening up a whole new world for you to not have to worry about rain or a drop in the lake or pool.      

    This is very user friendly, nice size..very solidly constructed but also a little on the heavier side. It sets up very quickly, I did not need any directions at all, I just turned it on had my phone on and it paired immediately. 

    The sound quality is very good and has decent bass, it is not perfect sound but it is very good sound for a bluetooth speaker, and it can be cranked up quite loud and still keep the good sound without distortion.

     It claims to be waterproof so whenever I see that claim I always test it out, which I did by dropping it into a bucket of water (after making sure the compartment door was closed securely)....the speaker hit with a splash, went under but bounced right back to the top. The sounds of Matchbox 20 came thru the speaker loud and clear with no breaks.. I then did a quick forced submerge by holding under with my hand and when released it bounced back to the top and was still playing my song! So it passed my water test quite easily. 

    I love the Siri feature.. as I used Siri daily for quick questions or even getting correct spelling on something.. so that was one of the first thing I tried out.. and it was a great fun. Depress the off/on button twice and wait for the tone and you are then talking to Siri... fun! 

    I love this speaker with Siri ... how fun!

yes ,it's working while charging
It's mirco USB rechargeable. from your laptop or your PC or ac adaptor .
Hi,Microphone included ,it has nosie cancelling technology,clear sound for handsfree function.
It's easy to set up,first connect with your deivce by bluetooth ,then double click the power button and start to use siri .
The volume is good for the outdoors ,but don't too much noise
if not too much noise ,the volume is perfect for the beach ,and it also waterproof ,shockproof.sandproof