Aomais Outdoor(Black)

  • Product Specs: 100% IPX7 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Driver output:8W
  • Playtime: Up to 10+ hours(Playtime varies by volume level and audio content)
  • Battery Capacity:1500mAh
  • Input:3.7V
  • Charging time:3 hours
  • Bass Boost:Support
  • Handsfree function:Support
  • Volume/Track control:Support
  • Quantity:In Stock
  • Choose Your Country:
  • Color:
  • STEREO-PAIRING:With AOMAIS OUTDOOR portable Bluetooth speaker,if you have 2 of them you can pair them together with one Bluetooth device to form a wireless left channel and right channel system.Then just enjoy your small true stereo concert.(Bluetooth device range of play is up to 33 feet;Speaker connectivity range is up to 66 feet)

  • WATERFROOF IPX7:AOMAIS portable Bluetooth speaker can carry on playing after being totally submerged in 1M of water for up to 30 minutes,which is perfect for use when in the shower, camping or by the poolside or beach etc

  • LOUDER SOUND:Comparing with the same size Bluetooth speakers,AOMAIS OUTDOOR Bluetooth speaker has 8W output,which means louder and with better sound,distortion-free at maximum volume,AOMAIS Bluetooth speaker is perfect for your home,kitchen,bathroom,car,especially for your pool parties and BBQ

  • PORTABLE DESIGN:AOMAIS OUTDOOR portable Bluetooth speaker have versatile portable design with sturdy body and portable strip so you can take it to anywhere you want,perfect for partying on your next big adventure

  • ENOUGH POWER:AOMAIS Bluetooth speaker has 10+ hours playtime at 50% volume after only 3 hours charging(NOTE:Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content.Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles.Actual battery life will vary with use,settings and environmental conditions)
  • Nice Little Speaker
    I keep this in my car and when I'm tired of the radio I turn this on and listen to music from my phone. It works well and is very portable. The sound is quite good. I'm very happy with this purchase: )
  • Customer service has been excellent! I'm a happy customer!
    I received my replacement speaker a few days ago, but I wanted to try it out before updating my review. The speaker has been performing flawlessly. The sound output is surprisingly rich for such a small and affordable speaker. It is lightweight and the rubber coating appears to repel liquid as expected. Pairing with my phone was very simple and easy. I haven't had any problems or concerns. I'm keeping this speaker in my laptop bag for use during meetings and presentations where volume is required. My laptop has speakers but they can't fill a room with such volume and rich sound as this speaker. I'm very happy with the quality of this product and their excellent customer service!
  • Awesome speaker for the price
    I'm very impressed. I bought this for my camping/hiking trip so that my buddies and I would have music on our hikes, while kayaking, and around the campsite. The little strap was perfect for hooking it onto my backpack while hiking/kayaking, and hanging it from our shelter while around the campfire. I've dropped it multiple times and it hasn't had any affect on it, It has also survived a thunderstorm without any affect. I have yet to fully submerge it... I'm sure it will eventually happen, and at that point I'll give feedback on the result. The battery life is excellent, it lasted for several hikes without needing a charge. It also lasted for the 12 hour drive home. So far I am estimating the battery life to be at least 12 hours. It does take about 4 hours to fully charge. The sound is way better than I expected for the price I paid. I'm planning on buying a second one, because I have read that it's possible to connect two together to create what could almost be surround sound.
  • Great sound, love the size
    I am very pleased with this speaker. I have one other speaker that I received for christmas last year, that would not play my audio books. This little speaker works perfectly. I was able to connect to it quickly and easily with no problems. I logged into my library app and started playing my current audiobook and it plays smoothly with no problem. I also listen to pandora a lot and the sound quality of the music is surprisingly good for such a small speaker. I like that it is waterproof so I can listen to music while I'm in the shower without worrying that the humid environment will damage it. You have to charge is once you get it, but it charges pretty quickly. It is the perfect size to toss in my purse if we are heading to the beach or over to grandmas to do yard work. I really like this speaker! I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
  • Teenager is happy with it!
    AOMAIS ultra portable speaker made my son very very happy! He was looking for a speaker to use outside on his golf cart that wouldn't take up too much room. I thought this looked like a well-made speaker and I liked the size so I went for it. It arrived as scheduled and as described. My son said that the speaker definitely has a little bass to it which made him very happy. It will definitely be loud enough outdoors. It was easy to pair and the directions were easy to understand. I received this product at a discount for my honest review and unbiased opinion. I am not obligated to leave a good review. My son is happy so I recommend this speaker to anybody looking for a well-made quality speaker.
  • Sounds Great Bluetooth Speaker
    The AOMAIS Waterproof Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is compact, very well built, and has an impressive amount of volume for a speaker in a small package. This speaker is heavy duty, which is built with thick plastic and also wrapped in a heavy duty rubber coating. I am not worried about dropping this speaker more than once, or even getting wet in the rain, or accidentally dropped in water. This speaker comes with the capability of IPX7 Floating Stereo which allows the speaker to be submerged in water down to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The speaker also gives you the capability to pair and connect up to 2 of these AOMAIS Bluetooth speakers at the same time with your electronic device such as your Smart-Phone or tablet. It is very easy to pair and connect to the AOMAIS Bluetooth speaker, and you control the volume through your electronic devices media volume and the physical volume controls on the speaker. This speaker comes with a Micro USB charging cable, a 1/8” or 3.5mm auxiliary cable for the line input port, and a ¼” tripod mount for bicycle mount. Don’t let the size of this speaker fool you as it does have a big punch for a smaller speaker, and puts out some low end tight bass, combined with some clean, crisp mids and highs. It easily fill any size room in your home with quality sound, and also any area that you are occupying outside, and this speaker is built tough giving you a piece of mind, and allows you to enjoy your music. I got this speaker for my son in-law for his birthday. He is in landscaping and is putting this speaker through the ropes. It has not given him any issues, and he and his crew are enjoying playing their music while they are working outside. I received this product for a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review and the seller had no input or influence as the performance and quality of the product speaks for itself.
  • 5.0 out of 5 starsTested Instructions For Pairing 2 Aomais Outdoor Speakers
    Aomais speakers are excellent "go anywhere" speakers. Sound and volume are very good and the water resistance is superior. Their IPX7 rating means that they can even be submerged up to 1 meter (39") for up to 30 minutes. Where these speakers really shine is their ability to pair with another Aomais speaker, giving you truly "surround" stereo sound. Following the directions to pair the speakers that i was first given, same as the answer to the question on how pair, I was unable to get two speakers to pair. My problem prompted the seller to do more testing and after couple of false starts came up with instructions that do work. A son and his family are now enjoying stereo sound on their sailboat with 2 Aomais speakers. To help others that may be experiencing the same trouble I did, here are instructions that work. You may have to repeat step 2 a couple of times before you hear the "beep", but be patient and keep pressing because these instructions are correct. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAIRING 2 AOMAIS OUTDOOR SPEAKERS 1. Bring two AOMAIS OUTDOOR Speakers within 1m(3ft) of each other, then turn on each speaker. The BLUETOOTH indicator will flash slowly in blue and you will hear “powering on” &”ready to pair”; 2. Press and hold the 2 volume buttons at the same time of one speaker until you will hear a beep. The Bluetooth indicator of you’ve pressed will flash quicker than the other one. Then you will hear “paired”,the BLUETOOTH connection between the two speakers is established; 3. Operate the speaker whose BLUETOOTH indicator flashed quicker and make a BLUETOOTH connection with a BLUETOOTH device. When you hear “paired” from the speaker, the connection between BLUETOOTH device and two speakers is established; 4. Start playback on the BLUETOOTH device, and adjust the volume to a moderate level; 5. If you wanta to disconnect the 2 speakers, press and hold the 2 volume buttons at the same time of one speaker until you will hear a beep and then you will hear “ready to pair”. The two speakers are disconnected and they can be used as singel unit.
  • Aomais water proof bluetooth speaker is a power packed fun unit!!!
    This Aomais waterproof Bluetooth speaker deserves a much higher rating than a 5 star. The speaker is a mighty power packed unit!!! Here are some of my favorite bullets: **it's waterproof **it's portable I can take it anywhere with me **it has 4 different language prompts **hands free and easy to operate **it has a one year guarantee **very easy to pair up **can pair up two aomais speakers together to create twice the power!! **long playtime on short charges **can hang the device if you want The packaged arrived with the following waterproof Bluetooth speaker, audio cable, USB charging cable and quick start manual. I was able to pair up my android, my daughters iPhone and /or our ipads with ease. I have been using the speaker in the evenings lately for listening to some audio books. I also hang it in the bathroom when taking a long bath or showering. I wish you could see my excitement, I love this speaker!! I have already ordered a second unit for our home!! If you need a gift for someone I highly recommend one of these speakers!!!! Disclaimer : I was lucky enough to win this awesome speaker from a group giveaway. This win in no way affects my opinion. I truly love my prize!!!! This is my honest and unbiased opinion. Feel free to shoot me questions.
  • Great sound from a small speaker
    This is a super little speaker. I paired it with my Samsung Galaxy phone easily and it has a clear, natural sound. It's fairly small - 3 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 5/8" and weighs 9 ounces so easy to put in your backpack or even your purse. It has a rubber covering to help with shock resistance if it gets dropped and is actually waterproof in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes so it will definitely be okay in the shower or if you get caught in a rainstorm. There are 4 buttons for volume control (2 buttons - one for increased volume and one to decrease volume), on-off button, and a play-pause button. It has a threaded inset on the bottom of the speaker so it can be mounted on something? It also has a nice rubber carrying strap. If you have 2 of these speakers, they can play in stereo from a Bluetooth device. It has a great sound for a small speaker and would be great for hiking, biking, camping, a backyard party, or on a nightstand next to your bed. I am glad that I received this speaker in exchange for my unbiased review.
  • Amazing speaker! small but powerful!!!

    Portable Bluetooth Speakers,AOMAIS Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Stereo Pairing Function,Louder Volume with Bass,Pairs with all bluetooth devices

    This is the second speaker that I get from this company and BOY to they deliver!! Aomais really makes some high quality speakers!! My last one was one of their bigger speakers which was awesome but I needed a smaller one.

    This small speaker is just as amazing and powerful! The bottom has the attachment area where you can mount this to a tripod. It has a nice protective flap that protects where the 3.5mm head jack and the micro USB charging port. Speaker is really loud! You can pair up to two for louder surround sound! The speaker is waterproof and sounds great even when exposed to water! A lot of cheaper speaker sound horrible or are completely destroyed when they touch water! I splashed and submerged it even though it does not highly recommend but it still worked!!!!!

    The good: • Very small but powerful • Easy to use! • Short charge but long play time! • Tripod mount, access buttons, LED lights.

    The Bad: • There is absolutely nothing wrong with this!!!

    What you get: 1*Bluetooth speaker 1*3.5mm Audio cable 1*Micro USB charging cable 1*Quick start manual If my review was helpful hit the YES button.

    If you have a question, leave a comment and I'll answer you! Feedback helps me improve my review! Thank you!!!

  • AMAZING Value Speaker At Sixteen Bucks
    USMCCombat 09/08/2016

    FULL Disclosure: After being contacted BY this company, I purchased this product at a discount or free for me to test and review. I am not affiliated with this company and make no promises of a good rating while reviewing the product. I test the product thoroughly and do my best to provide detailed reviews to other Amazon customers so they may make informed decisions. ADDITIONALLY, In accordance with Amazon Disclosure: a) I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review; or b) I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


    I probably have over a dozen assorted BT speakers laying around now and of them all, this is likely to become the favorite for the Hot Tub days & nights. Now before I go ANY further I want to be 100% CLEAR about my 5 star rating. As I write this review I see this for sale here at Amazon for fifteen bucks if NOT using Prime shipping. I only rate this 5 stars at THAT price! Because at that price, it's a flat out steal and I can forgive a lot. Well almost anything actually:-). And when I go to buy it this way it just shows the $15.99 and FREE "Standard" shipping. You just can NOT beat that for a speaker of this quality. Now at $29.99 for Prime shipping? Sorry but that throws this down to one or TWO stars for MY budget and rating system...So PLEASE weigh all that into this review. I LOVE that for $32.00 I can have TRUE Stereo without wires and if someone had a beer too many and they go swimming in the Hot Tub I may not lose them like we have done way too many time (Hey-it HAPPENS!). So sound. How DO they sound? OK is how they sound. NOT great but not at ALL bad either. I just can't see how even China can produce something built this sturdy and "Ruggedized" to this degree for $15.99! I am a no good cheap rotten grinding SOB since being forced into retirement and a peanut paycheck till I croak...Every penny counts and with this, you DO get your money's worth. Sound is subjective and I have a few that sound better, WAY better and they cost WAY more. My $400.00 speaker for instance and it is NOT protected against water so we rarely use it for fear of it getting ruined. The Tripod Mounting threads somewhat mystify me as to why I would place them on a Tripod? But if I think about it long enough I am sure I will find reasons to complicate any setup ideas:-) To be honest I LOVE this just the way it IS. Now I just need to get the money for a matching speaker for the hot tub....You really can NOT go wrong for $15.99, I promise.

YES ,It 's simple ,Turn both speaker on, long press the volume down and up button on both speakers about 5 seconds. You should hear "paired", which means both two speakers have already been paired successfully.
2. Turn on your Bluetooth on your phone and pair to the speaker. I would recommend that you turn off all other Bluetooth devices in close proximity. Once paired you are ready to go.
3.If you want to disconnect the stereo pair ,also long press the volume up and volume down button.
The speaker is 100% ipx7 waterproof ,after full immerse under 1.5m deep for half hours that can still working ,but the bluetooth don't have signal in the water ,so we don't recommend paly in the water ,the water affect the bluetooth signal and sound spreading .
Yes, there is 1 year guarantee if it's our quality or parts problem, we are providing better performance and better sounding speakers at Factory Direct Prices that are less than half the price of the competition.
Yes,there is a trip mount for the bicycle use ,just purchase a else tripod stand than can enjoy your rides travel
The Black one is the high prefomace and best price .
Hi,The bluetooth range is about 40 feet with the device .Actual wireless range will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions